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BBC Sherlock FanFiction

The Unexpected Father

The Unexpected Father by Wiz-Chic

Rated: T

Genre: Drama

Chapters: One Shot

Words: 3k+

Description: Parent!Lock. Sherlock and John have to take care of a temporarily parentless baby. John seems to be handling it well but Sherlock, rather than the child, is the one that has to do the growing up. Plenty of fluff, a little angst, a lot of love, and a touch of heartbreak.  One-Shot.

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Triggers: Parent!Lock

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 Stars

Review: This cute FanFiction is incredibly well written! A bit on the short side, this OneShot is sure to give readers fuzzy little feelings inside! While reading, you can really hear Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman saying what’s written. The plot is light but still is able to progress as the story goes on. Everyone is completely in character and the details are planned quite well. A must-read!

1 year ago on April 21st | J | 1 note

Stars Which Want Us Not

Stars Which Want Us Not by burninganchors

Rated: T

Genre: Friendship & Hurt/Comfort

Chapters: One Shot

Words: 12k+

Description: Sherlock has always been friends with John Watson, only once John was imaginary. Now he’s not.

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Triggers: Drug use, small sex scene (but only a T rating since it’s light), numerous but intentional tense switches

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Review: A very good FanFiction over all! I enjoyed how the story was told from when Sherlock was a young age. Everyone was almost always in character and the plot was quite believable. Getting Sherlock’s view on the matter as well as how John impacted him was very interesting and enjoyable to read.

1 year ago on April 21st | J | 0 notes